Sep 11, 2009


Where is home? Does it mean where you grow up, where your family is, or where you want to be buried?

After leaving the place I grew up for so long, I has become a stranger to the land. Yet, something is still so familiar in the air. I guess it is oxygen... or pollution... or maybe thoughts of home.


It felt like the city subway is in a vacuum. Only sunbeam and the frozen time.

2009.07.04 City Subway

An amazing combo

I tried this amazing dessert when I went to visit Jiu-fen, Taiwan. The brick in the picture is made from maltose and peanut. The chef used the tool that carpenters use for smoothing woods to create many thin slices of maltose and peanut mix; this mix is then laid on a thin and round flour-based bread skin and wrap up with a scoop of TARO icecream... (some customers like to put in Coriandrum sativum, a kind of seasoning leaf)

It's awfully delicious...

Here is my dad enjoying the dessert and my mom awaiting her turn to bite on it...haha