Jun 7, 2010

Psyché ranimée par le baiser de I'Amour

Antonio CANOVA - Possagno, 1757 - Venise, 1822
@ Musée du Louvre

"Psyche becomes the bride of Cupid, but knows neither his face nor his identity. To discover who he is, she spies on him as he sleeps. "Love cannot live without trust," he admonishes her before fleeing. Abandoned, and forced by Venus to perform a series of superhuman tasks, Psyche falls into a deadly sleep from which only Cupid's kiss can awaken her..."

Jun 6, 2010

Paris Rendezvous

It was a short meeting with my family in Paris. Living on different continents for so long, a short moment together is what even Paris's beauty cannot match.

With love from Paris,
Your son, and brother