May 12, 2010


I finally got to watch Departures (送行者) after second year medical school came to an end. It made me rethink many questions again. Questions such as how can I live up to be a doctor that I portray myself to be? Will I lose my passion or be distracted by whatever will occur in the future? How can I rejuvenate my passion whenever it starts to wither?

Maybe, the respect of death will be part of my answers.

Memories by Joe Hisaishi (from the OST of Departures)

Sixth Station

I was trying to find a song from the movie, Departures, from youtube. Surprisingly, I also found this piece by Joe Hisaishi (久石讓). This song has been my favorite from Miyazaki's animation. The melody and the scene, one-way train to the unknown land on far water, make me feel...myself.

Sixth Station by Joe Hisaishi (from the OST of Spirited Away)