Apr 18, 2009

興 Pho'

With Winnie, Pho is a must. Winnie's mom used to invite kids over for her renowned Pho. There was just one episode that Wei-Ning commented that the beef was like chewing gum...haha

This place is like the gourmet's top choice of pho in Toronto. The pho I ordered was delicious.

This lady was waiting ahead of us. She wasn't happy that the line was cut by the other. She was upset. I thought she was charming, though.

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Miles said...

Hey Pei-Hua,
I'm yen-ying, long time no see.
I got here from Ptt2.
My girlfriend loves Pho too.
Do you know scullyi got married?
My blog is http://lpeculiar.pixnet.net/blog
There are my recent activties and photos.
Keep in touch.