May 28, 2009

Kaleidoscopic Mind

How often are we lost in translation?

Translation from one language to another language? Translation from one culture to another culture? Or Translation from one person's expression to aother person's perception (or explanation)?

I found myself perplexed all the time...

Two of my favorite scenes in Lost In Translation by Sofia Coppola

Scene 1:
Bob: What are you doing?
Charlotte: My husband's a photographer, so he's here working. I wasn't doing anything so I came along.
Bob: What do you do?
Charlotte: I'm not sure yet, actually

[Later in the film, Charlotte visited a Japanese Temple and observed a Japanese style wedding ceremony]

Scene 2:
[Bob is taking a bath]
Lydia Harris: [over the phone] Is this a bad time?
Bob: [pauses] No, it's always a good time.
Lydia Harris: The burgundy carpet is out of stock: it's going to take twelve weeks. Did you like any of the other colors?
Bob: Whatever you like - I'm just completely lost.
Lydia Harris: It's just carpet.
Bob: That's not what I'm talking about.
Lydia Harris: What are you talking about?
Bob: I don't know. I just want to... get healthy. I would like to start taking better care of myself. I'd like to start eating healthier - I don't want all that pasta. I would like to start eating like Japanese food.
Lydia Harris: [icily] Well, why don't you just stay there and you can have it every day?
Bob: [biting his tongue] How are the kids doing?
Lydia Harris: They're fine. They miss their father.


Lydia Harris: Do I need to worry about you, Bob?
Bob: Only if you want to.

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